The past has been incredible and the emerging & even growing use of internet has made life easier. Instead of searching for a newspaper people tend to think of the web as a place to get information. Considering this need of the generation, Udaipur Toloba have this platform to serve the mumineen and keep them updated. The website serves as a place where mumineen can update themselves for upcoming events & also, it provide details for various events & khidmat undertaken & performed by Udaipur Toloba.
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Mobile App

"The Science of today is the technology of tomorrow."
Mobile Connectivity, as a dominant fabric of the next-generation Internet, is a global stage for a proliferation of both the quantitative and the qualitative elements of service. In these shifting winds, cultures and geography we are introducing our own mobile application to stay updated in just one click. The app will provide regular updates regarding events scheduled, duties assigned, etc.
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With the millions of apps, websites & other platforms for people to communicate, social media is the most powerful tool. It has the power to change the world to match the standards, Udaipur Toloba also has its presence on Instagram to stay connected with the mumieen.
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"Are you a vlogger? Be the one with us."
With the growing presence on YouTube and other social media application, Udaipur Toloba take this initiative to capture event for you to stay updated. After all, vlogging has become the lifestyle of the people.
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